Plough in the Stars was created in 2010. The farm started in the garden in the backyard of the house where I was born. Since then it has expanded into 4 "garden" plots along Argilla and Northgate Road. Each has its own micro-climate providing me adaptability to the ever changing weather. The farm has always been about producing the highest quality vegetables in a way that is ecologically sustainable.

The Farmers


My love of food and farming started in my first year when my mother and father would bring me into the garden, set me amongst the tomatoes and flowers and go off to do their work. With a passion for the outdoors and an appreciation for a hard days work it was inevitable that I would return to the garden. In the fall of 2009 the desire to start my own farm became something I could no longer ignore. After gaining valuable experience at Brookfield Farm, Seeds of Solidarity and First Light Farm in Hamilton, Ma I decided to start Plough in the Stars Farm. 


Every farm needs someone who can do it all. Mike is that person for Plough in the Stars. He can bunch kale faster than anyone, build anything the farm needs, and fix electrical, plumbing, and mechanical mishaps. He's also the farm's and Caitlin's loudest cheerleader. And of course, the ever eager taste-tester.